1 discussion question,1 summary and 1 case study


Explain how the training department can be transformed into an HPI function? How does this relate to Human Resource Management? What are the implications for Not having a training department?  Give specific examples? Write a minimum 250 words. Use at least two reference sources.


choose 3 subjects of your own interest from the chapter readings. write an APA style 3 paragraph minimum synthesizing those subjects. The paper should have a cover page and references page, too. Summaries should also include an applied reaction concept. As an example: How would you apply this information to the work place? Review the chapters to help focus areas of summary. Use this assignment to demonstrate your level of comprehension. 


Use Attached text to complete both

Rothwell, W. J. (2007). Human Performance Improvement, 2nd Edition. [Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781136397370/ 


Read Case Study 12: TOMS Shoes: A Dedication to Social Responsibility

Then answer the following questions:

1. In what ways does TOMS exercise its commitment to corporate social responsibility?

2. How does TOMS’ dedication to corporate social responsibility contribute to its competitive advantage?

3. What evidence indicates that the strategy has produced positive benefits in the marketplace for TOMS Shoes?

4. What issues do you forsee coming from TOMS’ critics or what improvements do you suggest can be made on TOMS’ business model?

5. What did you personally learn as a result of this case study?

Your paper should be approximately 3 to 4 pages.

Gamble, J., Peteraf, M. & Thompson, A.  (2017). Essentials of strategic management: The quest for the competitive advantage. (5th ed.). McGraw-Hill