1. providing physical security to a facility involves numerous


1. Providing physical security to a facility involves numerous  methods designed to discourage a determined attacker. Perimeter fencing,  gates, bollards, lighting, CCTV, as well as roaming security patrols  and dogs are all designed to prevent easy access to the facility. In the  event that these physical security controls are breached, perimeter  monitoring and detecting devices can provide notification of further  attempts to gain access to the facility. Describe three perimeter  intrusion detection systems and give an example of one that you have  seen deployed either at work or another location that you are familiar  with. 

2. Many organizations value their information so highly that they  invest in a redundant site in the event that a catastrophic event  interrupted service operations in their primary site. Different options  are available for facility recovery at varying costs and states of  readiness. Describe the differences between the hot, warm, and cold site  methods of facility recovery. What is a rolling hot site? What is a  reciprocal agreement? 

3. There are many different categories of evidence and each type  varies in its value in supporting an investigation. What are the four  characteristics that help ensure that evidence is legally admissible in  court? Describe hearsay evidence and its admissibility.