1.) study the traits of a byronic hero. 2.) choose two modern

In the lesson on Lord Byron, you learned about the Byronic hero. The Byronic hero has many traits which make him different from the traditional hero, and he often has many traits of the anti-hero. However, Byronic heroes are different from anti-heroes in that they are psychologically ″damaged,″ and they carry a strong sense of internal conflict as a result of guilt or shame related to their past. This internal sense that they are wrong/evil will drive the character to try and correct wrongs in the world or do right in order to bury the guilt. If these characters are not trying to correct the wrongs by doing the right (heroic) actions, then they isolate themselves from the world and see their absence as a favor to the world. These characters try and avoid connections with others in an attempt to protect others from the evil they see in themselves. If the character lacks the trait of deep internal conflict (guilt and shame over their past) that drives their behavior, then they would be an anti-hero instead of a Byronic hero. Anti-heroes can have all the traits of a Byronic hero, but they will lack the internal conflict that makes the Byronic hero do heroic deeds. Byronic heroes may be: Cynical Strongly emotional Intense Defiant/rebellious (regarding societal rules/values) Independent/isolated Proud Stubborn Guilty/Remorseful Moody Masochistic (self-punishment) Contrite/compunctious It is important to differentiate between the anti-hero and the Byronic character. An anti-hero can have any of the traits listed above, but if they lack the psychological and emotional component, then they are only an anti-hero and not Byronic. Your explanations must focus on how the character you choose fits the psychological and emotional components of a Byronic hero. If you only explain the traits that an anti-hero shares with a Byronic hero, then you will not have explained how the character is Byronic. For this assignment, you will choose two modern-day Byronic heroes from literature, television, or a movie. These characters should be fictional as it is not possible to tell the inner motivations of a real, living person. In 150 words or more for each character, you will explain how each fictional character fits the role of a Byronic hero. You may use a word processor or PowerPoint (or similar) to complete this project. Include pictures of the characters along with their identified traits and explanations. Please see the example below. Projects completed using a word processor should follow a similar structure. Heading and headers. Two modern Byronic characters with traits and explanations. Include pictures. Each explanation is at least 150 words. A works cited page entry for each book, movie, or television show. Uploaded file should be titled with your first name, last name, and the title of the assignment (not the essay). The Title of assignment is Byronic Heroes