1 Why Did Secretary Of State John Hay Refer To The Conflict In Cuba As A Quot Sp

1. Why did Secretary of State John Hay refer to the conflict in Cuba as a “splendid little war”?

2. How does the following quote reflect sentiment regarding the Phillipines after the end of war with Spain? “I don’t know what to do with th’ Ph’lippeens anny more thin I did las’ summer, befure I heerd tell iv thim…We can’t sell thim, we can’t ate thim, an’ we can’t throw thim into the th’ alley whin no wan is lookin’.”

3. What was Roosevelt’s interpretation of US power on the global stage? How was this different than prior Presidents? 4. What were the Open Door Notes? How did they dictate policy during this period of imperialism?

5. How did Taft’s “dollar diplomacy” differ from Roosevelt’s “big stick” policy?

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