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11.In general, the working mother must spend between 25-50% of her income to work.

12.In the past ten years, there has been an increase in the number of women who choose to stay home with their children.

13.Work outside the home can improve and enhance a woman's family life.

14.The United States spends more of its gross domestic product on child care and family benefits than most other nations.

15.Economists have been able to successfully quantify the value of a stay-at-home mom.

16.Both husbands and wives feel the division of labor is fair even when the wife bears most of the household responsibilities.

17.The perceived balance between outside work and family work is more important to partner satisfaction than the actual balance.

18.Women who work part-time make up approximately 50% of all female wage and salary workers.

19.The availability of part-time jobs is more prevalent in industries dominated by men than in industries dominated by women.

20.Women tend to take more advantage of leave time than men.

21.Researchers who observed 400 child-care centers concluded that only one in ten were of good quality.

22.Younger women who are successful in their careers are more interested in balancing their work and family responsibilities than in their career.

23.Men tend to experience more stress from residential change than wives.

24.Careers and vocations are fundamentally the same.

25.Having high expectations is one strategy that dual-worker couples use to cope successfully with the demands of work and family.


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