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11) Reviewing relevant background information such as organization charts, process charts, and job descriptions is the ________ step of performing a job analysis.

A) first

B) second

C) third

D) fourth

E) fifth

12) Which of the following data collection techniques would be most useful when writing a job description for a software engineer?

A) distributing position analysis questionnaires

B) interviewing employees

C) analyzing organization charts

D) observing employees

E) developing a job process chart

13) Which of the following is a written statement that describes the activities, responsibilities, working conditions, and supervisory responsibilities of a job?

A) job specification

B) job analysis

C) job report

D) job description

E) job context

14) Which of the following refers to the human requirements needed for a job, such as education, skills, and personality?

A) job specifications

B) job analysis

C) job placement

D) job context

E) job descriptions

15) All of the following requirements are typically addressed in job specifications EXCEPT ________.

A) desired personality traits

B) required education levels

C) essential skills

D) necessary experience

E) working conditions

16) Which of the following indicates the distribution of work within a firm and the lines of authority and communication?

A) job analysis

B) process chart

C) employee matrix

D) organization chart

E) corporate overview

17) A(n) ________ shows the flow of inputs to and outputs from a job being analyzed.

A) organization chart

B) process chart

C) value chain

D) job analysis

E) job description

18) During the job analysis process, it is important to ________ before collecting data about specific job duties and working conditions.

A) test job questionnaires on a small group of workers

B) confirm the job activity list with employees

C) select a sample of similar jobs to analyze

D) develop a job description outline

E) assemble the job specifications list

19) The fourth step in conducting a job analysis most likely involves collecting data about all of the following EXCEPT ________.

A) necessary employee behaviors

B) required employee abilities

C) typical working conditions

D) employee turnover rates

E) specific job activities

20) While performing the fifth step of a job analysis, it is essential to confirm the validity of collected data with the ________.

A) EEOC representative

B) HR manager

C) union leader

D) legal department

E) worker

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