11 the first step in the strategic planning process is to a determine the organizati 4351370

11.The first step in the strategic planning process is to:

a.determine the organization’s mission.

b.scan the organization’s environment.

c.set strategic goals.

d.formulate a strategic plan.

12.Which of the following is not a typical strategic planning activity?

a.Determine the organizational mission

b.Set strategic goals

c.Formulate a strategic plan

d.Achieve strategic goals

13.____ defines the basic business scope and operation that distinguishes the organization from others of a similar nature.

a.SWOT analysis

b.Mission statement

c.Strategic goal

d.Strategic plan

14.Which of the following is formulated by translating organizational goals into narrower functional or departmental goals and then devising methods for meeting these goals?

a.Mission statement

b.Strategic vision

c.Strategic plan

d.Human resource plan

15.Which functional area provides inputs on economic conditions for the strategic planning process?




d.Human resources

16.When scanning the external environment, organizational planners are attempting to identify challenges to the organization posed by all the following ways EXCEPT:

a.what their competitors are doing.

b.what substitute products and services may be on the horizon.

c.new firms entering the market.

d.change in corporate culture.

17.When scanning the internal environment, an organizational planner should consider all the following factors EXCEPT:

a.the organization’s culture.

b.the organization’s span of control of management.

c.the rate of technological change.

d.skills of the human resources.

18.____ usually provide input into decisions regarding the new strategic directions for the firm.

a.Vice presidents of functional areas


c.Front-line supervisors


19.A ____ specifies the course of action a firm must take in order to meet its strategic goals.

a.SWOT analysis

b.strategic plan

c.functional plan

d.human resource plan

20.A business ____ is an attribute of the business, such as sales volume or market share, which closely relates to the size of the needed workforce.





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