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11) Which of the following will most likely occur during the third step of the training process?

A) conducting a needs analysis for a specific job

B) training employees with an online program

C) evaluating the success or failure of the program

D) reviewing training workbooks and exercises

E) estimating a budget for the training program

12) What is the final step in the training process?

A) evaluating the program's successes or failures

B) rewarding employees for program participation

C) designing content for the training program

D) conducting a budget and needs analysis

E) training the targeted group of employees

13) James, an HR manager, is currently identifying the specific job performance skills required for a telemarketing position at Newman Enterprises. He is also assessing the skills of prospective trainees. James is most likely involved in which of the following aspects of the training process?

A) needs analysis

B) program evaluation

C) program implementation

D) instructional design

E) budget estimation

14) All of the following will most likely motivate trainees EXCEPT ________.

A) using as many visual aids as possible during the session

B) providing an overview of the material to be covered

C) teaching new terminology and technical concepts

D) utilizing a half or three-fourths day schedule

E) allowing trainees to set their own pace

15) Trainees should be provided adequate practice and be allowed to work at their own pace during a training session in order to ________.

A) screen applicants based on ability

B) transfer skills more easily to the job

C) provide employers with feedback

D) determine appropriate pay scales

E) save the employer time and money

16) ________ is a detailed study of the job to determine what specific skills the job requires.

A) Needs analysis

B) Task analysis

C) Performance analysis

D) Training strategy

E) Development planning

17) Which of the following consolidates information regarding required tasks and skills in a format that is helpful for determining training requirements?

A) performance record form

B) training assessment form

C) task analysis record form

D) organizational skills sheet

E) work function analysis

18) Employers will most likely use all of the following methods to identify training needs for new employees EXCEPT ________.

A) analyzing job descriptions

B) reviewing performance standards

C) performing the job

D) questioning current job holders

E) conducting a work sampling

19) A graphic model that presents a precise overview of the knowledge, skills, and behaviors someone would need to perform a job well is known as a ________.

A) benchmark

B) scatter plot

C) competency model

D) classification table

E) organizational chart

20) The process of verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining if such deficiencies should be corrected through training or through some other means is called ________.

A) needs analysis

B) training assessment

C) performance analysis

D) training strategy

E) performance appraisal

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