1200 | Law homework help


Assignment:  Using DocSharing articles as a starting point:

1) identify an evidence based delinquency prevention or intervention program involving law enforcement or corrections,

2) explain with documentation how it was evaluated and the results of the evaluation.  You must present data and its source(s). 

3)  If you work in a law enforcement or corrections agency, a) explain what  policies are needed to implement the program in your agency, b) discuss the expected barriers to implementing the program, and c) discuss how you propose to overcome each barrier.  NOTE: the program must fit within your agency; do not change the program or force it to fit (e.g., DARE cannot fit within the Veterans Administration police force as they do not work with youth),  OR

4) If you do not work in a law enforcement of corrections agency, a) identify and explain the roles of at least three (3) key stakeholders you must convince to get the agency to adopt the program, b) thoroughly explain the steps you must take to convince each stakeholder and c) how, after you convince the stakeholders, you will implement the program.

5) Specifically explain in one paragraph how our university’s core value of RESPECT applies to specific contents of the textbook readings for this module and include a citation and page number.


Your response should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level. Your answer must be no less than 1200 words and you must use at least three authoritative sources beyond those provided to support your position. All sources must be properly cited using the APA style.


Assess Outcomes:       

Learning Outcomes #5, 7:  The assignment will explain how law enforcement, the court system and corrections can develop leadership roles that help address contemporary problems related to juvenile delinquency.