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13.Fran's Fancy Flowers had the following business events during the month of April. She began the month with $12,000 in cash that was her only asset. She had no liabilities at that time.

1.Purchased inventory costing $6,000. Paid cash.

2.Sold inventory that had cost $800 for a retail price of $1,000 cash.

3.Paid April's rent on the store of $800.

4.Sold goods costing $1,400 to customers at a price of $1,900 on credit.

5.Bought $100 of supplies (on credit) which were used up during the month.

6.Sold goods to customers for $3,600 cash that had originally cost $2,600.


Prepare a schedule to determine the net cash flow for the period.

14.On which financial statement would you expect to find each of the following reported? Indicate your answer with a check mark in the appropriate column. Some items may require a check mark in more than one column. (For the statement of cash flows, assume the INDIRECT method is used.)





Statement of

Cash FlowsStatement of



a.Dividends declared/paid

b.Gross profit

c.Total stockholders' equity

d.Prepaid insurance


f.Net income

g.Sales revenue

h.Total liabilities

i.Accumulated depreciation

j.Depreciation expense

k.Earnings per share

l.Retained earnings

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