18 Learning Activityin This Set Of Learning Activities You Will Use The Drinks S

4.18 Learning ActivityIn this set of learning activities you will use the Drinks.sav data file. The overall goal of this learningactivity is to obtain summary statistics for scale variables.1. Run Frequencies on the variable alcohol, requesting the summary statistics median andmean, plus a histogram with a superimposed normal curve. Suppress the display of thefrequency table.2. What is the value of value of alcohol that splits the distribution in half? Is the median thesame as the mean? Which value is lower? What does that tell you about the shape of thedistribution of alcohol?3. Does the histogram verify your description of the distribution of alcohol? How does it differfrom a normal distribution?4. Run Descriptives to obtain default statistics for price and calories. On which variable is theremore dispersion? Is it even realistic to compare these two variables since they are ondifferent scales?5. Continuing your analysis of price and calories, run the Explore procedure for these twovariables. Request a histogram in addition to the defaults.6. Does the standard error of each variable help you better determine which variable has moredispersion?7. Review the boxplots and histogram for each variable. Which one has more outliers? What arethe outliers on each? Which variable now appears to have more dispersion, based on thesegraphs? Does that match what you expected based on the statistics?

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