21 a database should have the capability of being updated easily 22 because of autom 4352174

21.A database should have the capability of being updated easily.

22.Because of automation advancements, internal controls are not required in computerized information systems.

23.The process of backing up databases will prevent information theft.

24.The ability to recover data in case of computer system destruction by disaster is an example of an internal control.

25.A set of hardware devices linked together to facilitate data exchange is called a computer network.

26.A client is a computer that requests services from other computers.

27.A server is a special type of client.

28.The sales module would include information relating to sales, accounting, and shipping activities.

29.Product inventory files should be accessible by the sales module in order to assure product availability.

30.Good internal controls should include separation of accounting data entry duties from the handling of cash and checks.

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