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21.A human resource information system (HRIS) can reduce paperwork and cut administrative cost.

22.Extranets are Internet networks accessible only to employees within the company.

23.Employees being able to log onto their company’s Intranet and access its insurance provider is an example of extranet.

24.HR planning is not an essential function for line managers.

25.A line manager’s style of management can have a major impact on retention.

26.A line manager’s people skills are not important when it comes to managing an empowered workforce.

27.HR professionals are increasingly being utilized as key players in the strategic planning process.

28.It is not necessary for HR professionals to consider organizational culture when changing the organization’s reward system.

29.Evaluation of the operational objectives of HR is critical in determining the effectiveness of HR strategies.

30.Human resource plans do not require continual input from all functional area managers.


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