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21.A key difference between general job description and special-purpose format job description lies in the amount of detail they include.

22.The F-JAS is rarely used for employee selection.

23.Operating managers rarely have inputs in the completion of the final job analysis product.

24.Managers most commonly use job analysis to help them develop selection criteria.

25.Once employees have read their job descriptions and have been trained, it is not necessary for managers to frequently communicate performance standards.

26.Employers who base their HRM practices on intuition and guess-work usually end up with useful and legally defensible job descriptions.

27.To overcome a lackadaisical approach to job analysis, HR professionals must solicit support for job analysis from upper-level managers.

28.In most companies, the primary responsibility for planning and conducting a job analysis is placed in the hands of line managers.

29.When conducting a job analysis interview, interviewers should never steer the interview.

30.Critical Incident Technique (CIT) is a systematic method of recording job analysis information in which the behavioral dimensions of a job are specified.


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