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21.According to your text, the most important step a newly divorced person can take is to:

a.wallow at home in their own misery.

b.participate in the social world.

c.set up an online dating profile.

d.quickly seek someone else to marry.

22.Homogamy is the belief that:

a.it is wrong to marry relatives.

b.male and female characteristics are interchangeable.

c.people with similar backgrounds are attracted to one another.

d.a person can only fall in love once.

23.The chance to prescreen dates is the most attractive feature of:

a.personal newspaper ads.

b.singles clubs.

c.blind dating.

d.social media dating.

24.One of the drawbacks to Internet dating is the fact that it is:





25.It is difficult for divorced people to meet someone new if they live in:

a.the South.

b.working-class neighborhoods.

c.a small town.

d.their own homes.

26.Megan and her husband are recently divorced. If Megan decided to begin dating again, she will have the best chance of finding someone new if she:

a.doesn't live in a small town.

b.doesn't have children.

c.is older.

d.is struggling with poor self-esteem.

27.Many newly divorced people find that dating someone new means:

a.a romantic evening on the town.

b.endless financial worries.

c.being a teenager all over again.

d.getting acquainted with the date's children.

28.A dating divorced person will usually differ from the never-married dating person in the following ways EXCEPT:



c.social status.

d.marital experience.

29.Women who have children living with them are:

a.less likely to marry men without children.

b.less likely to marry men with or without children.

c.more likely to marry men with or without children.

d.more likely to marry men who have not been married before.

30.Lawrence Ganong and Marilyn Coleman found that the primary way that people prepare for remarriage is by:

a.living together.

b.reading self-help books.

c.fantasizing about marriage.

d.talking to happily-married couples.

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