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21.All but which of the following are steps taken by an HRM specialist while climbing the corporate ladder?

a.Begin the career as a specialist.

b.Become the manager of the specialty unit.

c.Broaden skills and become an HRM generalist.

d.Move to a smaller unit in an HRM managerial role.

22.Which of the following criteria is not considered when organizations determine the career growth prospects of HR managers?

a.Ability to “play politics”

b.Skill in specialty areas

c.Ability to manage people

d.Intrapersonal skills

23.____ provide the greatest opportunity for HRM career growth.

a.Small organizations

b.Large organizations

c.Midsized organizations

d.Local governmental organizations

24.In deciding who can successfully climb to the top of the career ladder in HR, companies consider all but which of the following criteria?

a.Job performance

b.Interpersonal skills


d.Credibility with senior management

25.The largest professional association of HR professionals is the:

a.Society for Human Resource Management.

b.American Society for Training and Development.

c.American Society of Personnel Administrators.

d.Academy of Management.

26.SHRM’s mission includes all but which of the following?

a.Provide its membership with professional journals.

b.Provide its membership with certification designations.

c.Provide its membership with education and information services.

d.Provide its membership with government and media representation.

27.Which of the following professional HRM associations strives to be the voice of the profession on human resource management issues?

a.Academy of Management

b.Society for Human Resource Management

c.International Personnel Management Association

d.Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

28.Which of the following professional HRM associations aims to facilitate the development and guide the direction of the HRM profession in its mission?

a.Academy of Management

b.Human Resource Certification Institute

c.Society for Human Resource Management

d.International Personnel Management Association

29.Which of the following professional HRM associations has establishing, monitoring, and updating the standards of the profession as its mission?

a.Academy of Management

b.Personnel Testing Council

c.Human Resource Certification Institute

d.Society for Human Resource Management

30.HR professionals can keep current in their field by doing all but which of the following?

a.Changing jobs often

b.Attending conferences sponsored by SHRM

c.Participating in advanced degree programs

d.Reading professional journals

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