21 an essential output of the assessment process is a list of training objectives 22 4351930

21. An essential output of the assessment process is a list of training objectives.

22. Specifying the intended organizational results of training programs helps to ensure that the training provides value to the organization as a whole and that each program is linked to the strategy of the firm.

23. Research suggests that people can and do learn from lectures.

24. The case method is NOT an effective training method for improving motivation and changing attitudes.

25. Discovery is a passive method of training that presents trainees with a task that offers rich opportunities to learn new skills.

26. The best discovery training opportunities are structured and include guidance from an instructor.

27. Role playing is an active training method that works well for developing skills.

28. Effective use of role playing as a training method should include debriefing—an opportunity for trainees to get feedback on how well they did and where they need more practice.

29. Behavior modeling is only effective when the model demonstrates positive examples of work related behavior.

30. Pairing up inexperienced employees with experienced employees to learn work tasks is one of the most effective training methods because employees learn actual work knowledge and skill.

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