21 which of the following is an example of a computer system control a the use of cl 4352149

21.Which of the following is an example of a computer system control?

a.the use of client workstations at the locations of suppliers

b.use of vaults and safety deposit boxes to protect physical assets

c.use of bonuses to reward sales goals

d.storage of backup data in offsite locations other than that of the working database

22.Web-based input systems:

a.are for exclusive use by company employees

b.can only be accessed by vendors

c.permit customers to place orders via the Internet

d.are restricted to use by public companies

23.Business-to-business systems:

a.are also known as B2C

b.are for retail customers’ use for placing orders

c.do not track order information for specific customers

d.permit companies to place an order directly from their vendors

24.The software programs that make it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to a company’s network is called

a.firewall software

b.application software

c.web-browser software

d.payroll software


a.are hidden files in a system

b.control functions to ensure accurate data entry

c.are files that store data for easy retrieval by authorized users

d.require mainframe computer networks to operate properly

26.________ control database functions to ensure proper recording and access of data.

a.database management systems

b.application software


d.computer operating systems

27.Passwords, back-ups, and system recovery procedures are all examples of

a.control accounts

b.passive controls

c.internal controls

d.physical controls

28.Computerized systems rely on ________ for exchange of data.

a.computer networks

b.the Internet



29.The device in a network that stores and manages data is the:

a.web server

b.network card

c.application server

d.database server

30.The following is NOT a function of the sales module:

a.receive sales orders

b.generate invoice to customers

c.record payment by customers

d.receive vendor orders

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