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31.Real-property loans have lower interest rates because:

a.borrowers have better credit ratings.

b.they are guaranteed by the government.

c.there is more competition among lenders.

d.property retains value.

32.Investment debt is:

a.worse than consumer debt.

b.low-priced money.

c.fueled by automobile sales.

d.common among young couples.

33.When repaying a loan with discount interest, the true interest is about:

a.four times the stated interest rate.

b.twice the stated interest rate.

c.half the stated interest rate.

d.one-fourth the stated interest rate.

34.Simple interest is charged for:

a.home appliances.

b.new car loans.

c.investment debt.

d.credit card transactions.

35.A borrower who only pays interest on the unpaid balance of a loan is paying:

a.simple interest.

b.compound interest.

c.discount interest.

d.high interest.

36.Homes are purchased with:

a.discount interest loans.

b.simple interest loans.

c.consumer credit loans.

d.compound interest loans.

37.People who pay for their credit card purchases at the end of the month to avoid interest fees are enjoying the benefits of:

a.simple interest.

b.discount interest.

c.open credit.

d.compound interest.

38.What percentage of credit card holders neglect to pay their balance every month?





39.Lower marital satisfaction is caused by all EXCEPT:

a.worry about overdue bills.

b.disappointment about not being able to buy what they want.

c.discontent about the way they spend their money.

d.the benefits available to them.

40.A slowdown in consumer spending will:

a.eliminate the federal deficit.

b.have dire consequences for the economy.

c.make it more difficult to get credit.

d.increase the price of investment debt.

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