31 the sales division should integrate with all of the following except a product in 4352147

31.The sales division should integrate with all of the following EXCEPT:

a.product inventory maintenance

b.vendor database

c.credit department

d.product shipping

32.Once the sales division notifies the accounting department of an order:

a.accounting updates customer files for total value of order

b.accounts payable records are updated

c.accounting records a complete transaction to a liability account

d.the accounting is complete

33.Sales, accounting, and shipping functions are all sources of ________ in the sales module.





34.Customers who are delinquent in payment of their accounts should be flagged to

a.increase their credit lines

b.prevent future sales

c.extend the payment due date

d.request a return of the products sold to them

35.Accounts receivable and sales revenue transactions are recorded:

a.when the order is received

b.at the same time the customers data is accessed

c.at the time goods are shipped to customers

d.when the cash is received from the customer

36.The purpose of the purchasing and inventory management module is for

a.acquisition of supplies and merchandise

b.billing the customers

c.updating accounts receivable

d.generating sales reports

37.The placing of orders with vendors is accomplished by

a.the sales module

b.the human resources module

c.the purchasing and inventory module

d.the application servers

38.Which of the following modules includes the business processes of receiving orders, shipping goods, billing customers, and receiving payments?


b.human resources



39.Purchasing, receiving, and accounting of product that is to be resold to customers are functions of the:

a.sales module

b.purchasing and inventory module

c.production module

d.customer module

40.Once the vendors are paid:

a.accounts receivable accounts are updated

b.customer accounts are updated

c.accounts payable and cash accounts are updated

d.inventory counts are taken

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