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31.Which of the following is a judgmental method of demand forecasting?

a.Regression analysis

b.Trend analysis

c.Sales force estimates

d.Ratio analysis

32.The ____ method of demand forecasting uses a panel of experts to generate a forecast based on their knowledge and understanding of the market.

a.group brainstorming

b.group ratio

c.group regression

d.group trend analysis

33.Which method of demand forecasting generates a forecast through face-to-face discussions?

a.Sales force estimates

b.Group brainstorming

c.Regression analysis

d.Trend analysis

34.Which approach for forecasting HR demand is most appropriate when the need for additional employees arises from the introduction of new products?

a.Group brainstorming

b.Regression analysis

c.Sales force estimates

d.Ratio analysis

35.If you were managing an organization that was experiencing explosive growth and instability, which of the following would be most appropriate for demand forecasting?

a.Ratio analysis

b.Trend analysis

c.Group brainstorming

d.Regression analysis

36.Which planning process do organizations use to make an estimation of how many of its current employees will remain in their positions during the planning period, how many will move to another position, and how many will leave the organization?

a.Demand forecasting

b.Supply forecasting

c.Judgmental analysis

d.Sales force estimation

37.A firm derives its specific staffing needs by combining the results of the ____ within each job group.

a.statistical and judgmental analysis

b.ratio and trend analysis

c.demand and supply forecasts

d.HR and sales forecasts

38.Which of the following is not an alternative to downsizing?

a.Job sharing

b.Pay increases

c.Hiring freezes

d.Early retirements

39.Which of the following is not an alternative to dealing with an undersupply of workers?

a.Hiring of additional workers

b.Job reassignments

c.Improving the productivity of the existing workers

d.Eliminating the use of overtime

40.Which of the following would an organization use to improve the productivity of its existing workforce?

a.Additional shifts

b.Additional training


d.Job sharing

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