350 word paper and project priority evaluation form

Ch. 2 of Project Management: The Managerial Process

Submit a 350-word paper (remember all papers in the class are APA format, need an intro/closing paragraph….word count for all class assignments does not count the intro/closing paragraph or any tables/charts included in the paper….in other words you need 350 words in the paper body). The paper is where you tell me the rankings and justify the decision.

Within the paper include a completed Project Priority Evaluation form. 

ASSIGNMENT – You are a member of the class priority team in charge of evaluating and approving fund-raising projects. Use the provided proposal evaluation form to formally evaluate and rank each proposal. Be prepared to report your rankings and justify your decision. You should assume that these projects would be held at your university or college. 


The project is a three-on-three basketball tournament to raise money for the Down Syndrome Association. The tournament will consist of three brackets: Co-ed, Male, and Female teams. There will be a $40 entry fee per team and additional funds will be derived from the sale of commemorative T-shirts ($10). 

Winning teams will receive gift baskets consisting of donations from local businesses and restaurants. The event will be held at the university recreational center