360 feedback performance as a hr performance intervention

6 Page Paper -APA [email protected] least 10 scholarly references Topic: Submit final performance/ learning research narrative on 360 Feedback Performance as an HR Performance Intervention. Problem Statement: To better understand and combat turnover at XYZ, Inc; I am proposing to implement a 360 feedback pilot program for District Managers (DMs); due to the high turnover rate of General Managers (GMs). The creation of the 360° feedback will be used to gain insight and hopefully help decrease turnover. Research Paper to include the below subtopics: 1. Introduction 2. Performance analysis 3. Literature Review 4. Performance Intervention Selection & Design 5. Change Management 6. Intervention Development 7. Intervention Implementation & Maintenance 8. Performance Evaluation 9. Conclusion 10. Organization/ Writing Style – Adherence to APA 6th edition* 11. References/ Citation* * Narratives that do not: adhere to APA 6th edition, are not well organized/ written, and do not include 10 scholarly references (not from the text books) will be downgraded by one grade