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41) Purrfect Pets is a local pet supply store with a following of loyal customers who appreciate the personal service the store's employees provide. After a very profitable year, Purrfect Pets is expanding by opening two more stores. Before hiring employees for the new stores, the manager is considering the idea of conducting a job analysis for each position.

Which of the following, if true, undermines the argument that the Purrfect Pets manager should observe workers in order to gather job analysis information?

A) Purrfect Pets lacks the technology to perform quantitative job assessments.

B) Part-time and seasonal workers fill most of the positions at Purrfect Pets.

C) Most positions at Purrfect Pets include some element of physical activity.

D) The tasks of most Purrfect Pets employees vary widely from day to day.

E) During the morning, business at Purrfect Pets typically slows down.

42) What is the primary benefit of using a position analysis questionnaire to gather data for a job analysis?

A) providing the opportunity for employees to vent job frustrations

B) monitoring and improving workplace safety and health

C) sorting information for government statistics and records

D) classifying jobs for the purpose of assigning salaries

E) uncovering important yet infrequent job tasks

43) A(n) ________ is used to collect quantifiable data concerning the duties and responsibilities of various jobs.

A) electronic diary/log

B) group interview

C) position analysis questionnaire

D) direct observation

E) Internet-based survey

44) Experts at the ________ performed the earliest form of job analysis and published the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.






45) What are the three main categories used in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to rate, classify, and compare different jobs?

A) reasoning, language, mathematics

B) skills, communication, education

C) tending, serving, data

D) data, people, things

E) people, skills, reasoning

46) The Department of Labor procedure uses a set of standard basic activities known as ________ to describe what a worker must do with respect to data, people, and things.

A) worker functions

B) employee duties

C) job procedures

D) worker purposes

E) job requirements

47) All of the following categories are assessed in a functional job analysis EXCEPT ________.

A) judgment

B) reasoning

C) verbal skills

D) mathematical skills

E) industry standards

48) What has been the most significant impact of modern technology on job analysis methods?

A) The Internet has enabled the Department of Labor to update data in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to reflect trends in the high-tech industry.

B) Extensive use of the Internet by HR managers enables more people to telecommute from locations far from corporate headquarters.

C) Corporate use of the Internet and intranet has enabled HR managers to distribute and collect job analysis surveys to employees in multiple geographic locations.

D) Worker functions have changed as a result of modern technology, so the DOL procedure for data collection has been modified and categories have been altered.

E) The ability to falsify information on Internet surveys has led to an increase in interviews and observations by HR managers to collect accurate job analysis information.

49) The most important consideration when developing an online job analysis is to ________.

A) require employees to be monitored by supervisors

B) make questions and the process as clear as possible

C) provide monetary rewards for timely completion

D) limit the number of questions to less than twenty

E) ask open-ended questions to ensure honest responses

50) Most job descriptions contain sections that cover all of the following EXCEPT ________.

A) job summary

B) performance standards

C) working conditions

D) responsibilities

E) required overtime

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