41 the interaction of a company and its suppliers is known as a business to customer 4352165

41.The interaction of a company and its suppliers is known as:

a.business-to-customer management


c.business-to-business e-commerce

d.when can I get it philosophy

42.Maintaining low amounts of inventory may be accomplished when

a.the company runs out of funds

b.the sales force is doing their job

c.vendors don’t have merchandise and supplies

d.suppliers are reliable

43.Production, accounting, and personnel are all functions of the ________ module.

a.human resources

b.application server

c.asset management


44.A production module is used mainly by:

a.service companies

b.manufacturing companies

c.merchandising companies

d.retail-to-customers companies

45.An advantage of a relational database is that

a.each part of an information system can access data in other parts and therefore avoid data redundancy

b.it enables the accounting system to avoid the traditional double-entry system

c.it enables each division within the management information system to separately maintain its own records

d.companies can access each others' databases

46.Most large computerized accounting systems in use today are constructed as:

a.application software

b.database servers

c.supply-chain management systems

d.relational databases

47.A relational database is a(n)

a.set of linked files that can be updated easily and often

b.group of files used only by the accountants

c.lists of company modules and tables

d.example of an application software

48.Tables are used to

a.conform to established norms

b.list the company assets

c.eat your lunch on

d.store data by relational databases

49.A table represents data as:

a.a graph

b.a pie chart

c.rows and columns

d.a financial display

50.An example of an attribute in a customer table would be

a.the name and address of a customer

b.balance owed by a customer

c.sales order date

d.description of item ordered by a customer

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