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51) Jessica Garza is a manager at a large retail store. Currently, Jessica has four temporary workers under her supervision that a local staffing agency has provided. In which of the following tasks should Jessica become directly involved?

A) negotiating the pay rate of a temporary worker

B) discussing job opportunities with a temporary worker

C) discussing harassment issues with a temporary worker

D) answering task-related questions posed by a temporary worker

E) terminating a temporary worker directly

52) Which of the following terms refers to the use of nontraditional recruitment sources?

A) negligent hiring

B) personnel planning

C) human resource management

D) alternative staffing

E) organizational development

53) ________ are special employment agencies retained by employers to seek out top management talent for their clients.

A) State-run employment agencies

B) Private employment agencies

C) Temporary agencies

D) Executive recruiters

E) Job banks

54) Which of the following has improved the ability of executive recruiters to find potential candidates?

A) electronic performance support systems

B) mobility premiums

C) Internet-based databases

D) corporate intranets

E) broadbanding

55) Which of the following is a service that provides short-term specialized recruiting to support specific projects without the expense of retaining traditional search firms?

A) top-executive searches

B) contingent-based searches

C) on-demand recruiting services

D) just-in-time recruiting services

E) ad hoc recruiting services

56) What is the typical compensation structure for on-demand recruiting services?

A) hourly rate

B) commission

C) percentage fee

D) 20-30% of the hire's salary

E) 50% of the hire's signing bonus

support specific projects without the expense of retaining traditional search firms. These recruiters are paid by the hour or project instead of a percentage fee or a commission.

57) Pamlico River Productions is seeking a top-level manager to oversee its finance division. Qualified candidates can be difficult to find, so the business would most likely benefit from using a(n) ________ to recruit potential candidates.

A) state-run employment agency

B) executive recruiter

C) temporary agency

D) Internet-based job site

E) alternate staffing recruiter

58) A small software firm is seeking several permanent employees with experience in the semiconductor industry and advanced degrees in computer science. The firm is a small one and cannot afford to pay a traditional recruiting firm a fee of 30% per each hire's salary. Instead, this firm should consider using a(n) ________.

A) contingency-based recruiter

B) state-run employment agency

C) temporary staffing agency

D) outsourcing staffing service

E) on-demand recruiting service

59) Which of the following is the primary advantage of college recruiting?

A) minimal preparation required

B) flexible, short-term interview schedule

C) inexpensive method of screening applicants

D) access to a source of management trainees

E) opportunity to keep firm's identity confidential

60) Which of the following is a primary goal of college recruiters?

A) supporting employment diversity programs

B) building relationships with college career centers

C) cutting future recruiting costs for the firm

D) developing a pool of temporary workers

E) attracting good candidates

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