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51) Which of the following is a strategic planning tool that shows the “big picture” of how each department's performance contributes to achieving the company's overall strategic goals?

A) HR audit

B) strategic plan

C) digital dashboard

D) strategy map

E) HR scorecard

52) Which of the following refers to a process for assigning financial and nonfinancial goals to the HR management-related chain of activities required for achieving the company's strategic aims and for monitoring results?

A) strategy map

B) HR scorecard

C) internal auditing

D) HR feedback scale

E) digital dashboard

53) A ________ presents a manager with desktop graphs and charts that illustrate where the company stands on metrics from the HR scorecard process.

A) strategy map

B) HR benchmark

C) business plan

D) scanning worksheet

E) digital dashboard

54) The concise measurement system used by companies to show the quantitative standards the firm uses to measure HR activities, employee behaviors resulting from the activities, and the strategically relevant organizational outcomes of those employee behaviors is called a(n) ________.

A) evaluation system

B) HR scorecard

C) appraisal system

D) evaluation benchmark

E) annual report

55) Which of the following is used to manage employee performance and to align all employees with the key objectives a firm needs to achieve its strategic goals?

A) functional planning system

B) HR Scorecard

C) annual HR benchmarks

D) high performance work system

E) MBO format

56) Which of the following terms refers to a set of human resource management policies and practices that promote organizational effectiveness?

A) management by objectives system

B) human resource metric

C) corporate-level strategy

D) high-performance work system

E) strategic human resource map

57) High-performance work organizations are most likely characterized by all of the following EXCEPT ________.

A) multi-skilled work teams

B) empowered front-line workers

C) extensive training

D) labor management cooperation

E) commitment to high production rates

58) High-performance work systems have become necessary for U.S. firms due to ________.

A) unemployment rates

B) federal regulations

C) increased minimum wages

D) global competition

E) cost leadership

59) All of the following practices are most likely implemented by companies with high-performance work systems EXCEPT ________.

A) hiring employees based on validated selection tests

B) filling positions with internal candidates

C) utilizing self-managing work teams

D) providing extensive training to employees

E) providing pay increases based on service years

60) Reese Enterprises seeks to fill upper-level positions internally whenever possible and uses validated selection tests when considering external hires. This most likely suggests the company is developing a ________.

A) high-performance work system

B) scorecard management system

C) benchmark

D) management by objectives strategy

E) selection metric

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