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51) Which of the following is the primary source of information an employer uses to write a job specification?

A) job summary

B) work functions

C) job description

D) performance standards

E) personnel replacement charts

52) What type of information is contained in the job identification section of a job description?

A) job title

B) job summary

C) relationships statement

D) major functions or activities

E) standards of performance

53) Which of the following is identified by the FLSA status section of a job description?

A) whether the employer is a non-profit organization

B) whether a job is exempt or nonexempt

C) whether a job includes health benefits

D) whether the employer is a private or public firm

E) whether a job requires a college degree

54) The ________ classifies all workers into one of 23 major groups of jobs that are subdivided into minor groups of jobs and detailed occupations.

A) Department of Labor Procedure

B) Position Analysis Questionnaire

C) Standard Occupational Classification

D) Federal Professions Classification System

E) Dictionary of Occupational Titles

55) According to the ________, an individual must have the requisite skills, educational background, and experience to perform a job's essential functions.






56) An employer is required to make a “reasonable accommodation” for a disabled individual in which of the following situations?

A) if a disabled person has the necessary skills, education, and experience to perform the job but is prevented by the job's current structure

B) when an employer fails to provide a job description for a position that a disabled person would most likely be able to perform

C) if making changes would present the employer with an undue hardship

D) each time that a disabled individual applies for a position

E) if the job function is essential

57) According to the ADA, job duties that employees must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, are called ________.

A) primary job activities

B) job requirements

C) essential job functions

D) work activities

E) job specifications

58) Which of the following Web sites was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor and serves as a source for managers who need to write job descriptions?

A) bls.gov

B) opm.gov

C) usajobs.gov

D) onetcenter.org

E) job description.com

59) Janice, a department store manager, is in the process of writing job descriptions using O*NET. Janice has already reviewed the company's business plan, so what should she do next?

A) interview employees

B) compose a list of job duties

C) develop an organization chart

D) observe employees performing their duties

E) develop a list of human requirements for the job

60) When a sales job is being filled by an untrained individual, the job specifications list will most likely include ________ as a way to predict which candidate will perform the job well.

A) age and gender

B) length of previous service

C) past job performance

D) relevant certification

E) personality traits

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