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51.Who is responsible for notifying the HRM department and requesting a reanalysis of a job when the content, context, or worker requirements of the job changes significantly?

a.Job incumbents

b.Line managers

c.Work supervisors

d.HR professionals

52.From a communication perspective, the ____ information should drive the orientation process for new employees.

a.job analysis

b.job content

c.job context

d.worker requirement

53.Managers should review ____ with new employees in order to convey job responsibilities.

a.reporting relationship

b.job descriptions

c.job context

d.worker requirements

54.Which of the following is not a manager’s responsibility with reference to job analysis roles?

a.Planning a job analysis project

b.Implementing job analysis results

c.Completing the job analysis

d.Communicating job responsibilities

55.In most companies, the primary responsibility for planning and conducting a job analysis is placed in the hands of:


b.HR professionals.

c.work supervisors.

d.subject-matter experts.

56.Which of the following tasks is not an HR professional’s responsibility in a job analysis project?

a.Determine goals and objectives

b.Select subject-matter experts

c.Implement results

d.Manage the study

57.Who is responsible for disseminating the information collected during a job analysis project?

a.HR professionals

b.Line managers

c.Work supervisors

d.Subject-matter experts

58.A job analysis interview should be structured such that it focuses on ____ first.

a.job content

b.job context

c.worker requirements

d.job description

59.Which of the following should not be done by a manager while steering a job analysis interview?

a.Control the interview with respect to time and subject matter.

b.Frequently restate and summarize the main points the worker has made.

c.Show sincere interest in what is being said.

d.Suggest changes or improvements in work methods.

60.While documenting job analysis information, KSAPs are described in which of the following sections?

a.Worker requirements

b.Job context

c.Job summary

d.Job identification


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