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61) According to research, each of the following work behaviors is considered important in all jobs EXCEPT ________.

A) thoroughness

B) attendance

C) experience

D) schedule flexibility

E) industriousness

62) Job ________ means assigning workers additional same-level activities.

A) shifting

B) enrichment

C) assignment

D) enlargement

E) rotation

63) Which of the following terms refers to systematically moving workers from one job to another?

A) Job rotation

B) Job enrichment

C) Job assignment

D) Job enlargement

E) Job adjustment

64) Which of the following terms refers to redesigning jobs in a way that increases the opportunities for the worker to experience feelings of responsibility, achievement, growth, and recognition?

A) Job rotation

B) Job enrichment

C) Job reengineering

D) Job enlargement

E) Job enhancement

65) Who argued that the best way to motivate workers is to build opportunities for challenge and achievement into their jobs via job enrichment?

A) Adam Smith

B) Frederick Taylor

C) Frederick Herzberg

D) Abraham Maslow

E) Milton Friedman

66) Jack is an employee at a Best Western Hotel. Some weeks he works with the catering group, and other weeks he assists the reservations clerk or the parking attendant. This is an example of ________.

A) job enlargement

B) job rotation

C) job enrichment

D) dejobbing

E) job specialization

67) The fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance is called ________.

A) job redesign

B) reengineering

C) process engineering

D) job enlargement

E) outsourcing

68) Which of the following describes a job in terms of measurable and observable behaviors that an employee doing the job must exhibit to do the job well?

A) competency-based job analysis

B) Department of Labor procedure

C) functional job analysis

D) Standard Occupational Classification system

E) high-performance work matrix

69) Which of the following questions will most likely be addressed by a manager who is writing a job description based on a competency-based job analysis?

A) What are the typical duties associated with this job?

B) What are the working conditions and safety issues related to this job?

C) What opportunities for advancement are available to an employee in this job?

D) What should the employee be able to do in order to competently perform this job?

E) What machines or equipment is the job holder responsible for operating on a daily basis?

70) Which of the following best supports the argument that jobs should be described in terms of competencies rather than duties?

A) New employees in high-performance work systems receive extensive job skills training for their specific positions.

B) Managers in global firms are empowered to implement job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment in order to maximize productivity.

C) In high-performance work systems, employees serve as team members rotating among various jobs.

D) Globalization and telecommuting require workers to be able to self-manage and perform duties without close supervision.

E) Firms in the high-tech industry require workers who are industrious, flexible, experienced, and ambitious.

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