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61) In regards to on-campus recruiting, which of the following is most likely to help sell the employer to the interviewee?

A) recruiter's professional attire

B) sincerity of the recruiter

C) emphasis on the job location

D) well-written job descriptions

E) asking only a few questions

62) SB&A Consulting plans to do some college recruiting to fill entry-level management positions this year. Which of the following factors is most important for the firm to consider when deciding which colleges to visit?

A) location

B) reputation

C) tuition and fees

D) enrollment numbers

E) student-teacher ratio

63) Which of the following would be the best option for a business that needs to attract local applicants for hourly jobs?

A) employee referral campaigns

B) on-demand recruiting services

C) college recruiting

D) walk-ins

E) headhunters

64) For most firms, which of the following is the most effective source for recruiting new hires?

A) college recruiting

B) regional career fairs

C) employee referral programs

D) newspaper advertisements

E) contingency recruiters

65) An employer's computerized recruitment system should include all of the following elements EXCEPT ________.

A) hypertext transfer protocol to enable applicants to post their resumes in any format or font

B) requisition management systems to facilitate routing, approval, and posting of job openings

C) hiring management software to collect and manage candidate information

D) recruitment marketing to improve applicant pool quality

E) skills and behavioral assessment services

66) The fastest growing labor force segment in the United States over the next few years will be those from ________ years old.

A) 18-22

B) 23-29

C) 30-44

D) 45-64

E) 65+

67) Which of the following motivates most employees over 65 to work?

A) overtime payments

B) promotion opportunities

C) schedule flexibility

D) supportive work environments

E) additional sick days

68) Smith Industries has set a goal of recruiting minority applicants. Which of the following methods is LEAST likely to be successful for Smith Industries?

A) implementing employee referral campaigns

B) offering flexible work schedules

C) providing flexible benefits plans

D) utilizing executive recruiters

E) collaborating with professional organizations

69) Which of the following is NOT information that should be requested on application forms?

A) work history

B) experience

C) technical skills

D) marital status

E) training

70) Mandatory alternative dispute resolution agreements require ________.

A) disgruntled employees to contact the local EEOC office prior to filing formal complaints

B) applicants to agree to arbitrate certain legal disputes related to employment or dismissal

C) applicants to take unpaid leaves of absence during employment disputes

D) employees to meet with human resources officials prior to submitting a resignation

E) applicants to agree that they will accept decisions handed down by federal appellate courts

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