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61) Which of the following is most likely a true statement about high-performance companies?

A) Most employees are members of a local labor union.

B) Most employees receive regular performance appraisals.

C) Employee turnover is extremely high.

D) Only executives are eligible for incentive pay.

E) The majority of jobs are filled externally.

62) Which of the following terms refers to the quantitative measure of a human resource management yardstick such as employee turnover or qualified applicants per position?

A) human resource audit

B) high-performance work system

C) human resource metric

D) management by objectives

E) human resource scorecard

63) The use of human resource metrics is essential for ________.

A) management by objectives

B) emergent employee behaviors

C) corporate-level strategies

D) related diversification

E) evidence-based management

64) The primary purpose of implementing high-performance practices such as recruiting, screening, and training is to ________.

A) foster a strong organizational culture

B) eliminate the tendency to hire interns for full-time positions

C) create management opportunities for new hires

D) develop a trained and self-motivated workforce

E) utilize benchmarks to compare personnel skills within an industry

65) Which of the following terms refers to the process of comparing and analyzing the practices of one firm with those of a high-performing company?

A) benchmarking

B) diversifying

C) offshoring

D) strategizing

E) outsourcing

66) According to studies, combining high-performance HR practices with modern technology most likely leads to increases in all of the following areas EXCEPT ________.

A) worker productivity

B) media mentions

C) annual sales

D) product quality

E) financial performance

67) Which of the following refers to an analysis by which an organization measures where it currently stands and determines what it has to accomplish to improve its HR functions?

A) HR methodology

B) HR benchmark

C) HR checklist

D) HR audit

E) HR ratio

68) Which of the following audits is used by HR managers to determine whether a firm is adhering to relevant laws and regulations?

A) strategic audit

B) compliance audit

C) organizational audit

D) best practices audit

E) function specific audit

69) What is the first step of the HR audit process?

A) planning the audit budget

B) attaining top management support

C) drafting an audit team

D) determining the scope of the audit

E) compiling internal and external checklists

70) All of the following are commonly used HR metrics EXCEPT ________.

A) communication expenses

B) absence rate

C) cost per hire

D) human capital ROI

E) health care costs per employee

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