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66. Which of the following is NOT true of graphic ratings?

a) graphic ratings are the most common rating format

b) graphic ratings can be developed to measure either outcomes or behaviors

c) graphic ratings make it easy to compare employees with one another

d) graphic ratings help minimize rater errors, especially the central tendency rater error

67. Forced rankings:

a) provide clear guidance for organizations that want to give promotions and pay raises to top performers

b) is the preferred performance method of most managers

c) are best for organizations that want employees to work together towards mutual goals

d) is best for organizations that want to pursue a parity system for performance appraisal

68. Which of the following is NOT true about multisource performance ratings?

a) multisource ratings involve obtaining performance information from multiple raters who have different perspectives

b) multisource rating requires that forced distribution be used

c) ratings can be obtained from supervisors, coworkers, customers and the employee

d) multisource ratings provide better guidance about what an employee can do to improve performance

69. Which of the following is NOT true about self-ratings?

a) self-ratings from white women and younger, less experienced employees tend to be more similar to ratings provided by others

b) experienced, non-white males tend to underrate their own performance more than others

c) self-assessments tend to differ significantly from ratings provided by others

d) self-ratings tend to more closely agree with ratings from others when employees have more knowledge about the performance appraisal system

70. When employees receive feedback:

a) they are less likely to become dissatisfied and perform at suboptimal levels

b) performance usually declines because of the feedback

c) only in writing they are more likely to improve their performance

d) it can result in a lasting long-term decline in performance

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