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71.An examination of death rates for firearm-related injuries reveals that:

a.the rate of firearm deaths has declined over the last 25 years.

b.most firearm-related deaths are homicides.

c.Hispanic males have the highest firearm fatality rates.

d.the largest increase in firearm deaths in the last 10 years has been for white males.

72.The sequence that represents the correct order of the stages of grieving is:

a.denial and isolation, bargaining, depression, anger, acceptance.

b.bargaining, anger, depression, denial and isolation, acceptance.

c.anger, denial and isolation, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

d.denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

73.A father who reacts to his son's impending death by violently pounding his fist on the dining room table is probably in the ____ stage of the death and dying process.





74.Charlie just lost his sister in car accident. Immediately after the accident, Charlie is like to go through a period of:

a.severe depression.

b.numbness and shock.



75.The pangs of grief occur:

a.if the survivors don't grieve properly.

b.after the initial shock of a person's death.

c.during the denial stage of death and dying.

d.when mourners return to their normal routines.

76.Sam is 15. The most likely cause of injury or death is for his age group is:





77.The age group that is more accident-prone is:

a.people under 40.

b.people aged 45 to 50.

c.people aged 50 to 55.

d.people aged 55 to 60.

78.Most accidental injuries occur in:

a.rural areas.

b.the home.

c.older age groups.


79.Which the following individuals is most likely to be an accident victim?

a.Tom lives in Alabama.

b.Sam lives in rural North Dakota.

c.Nick lives in New York City.

d.Frank lives in Chinatown.

80.Which of the following is most likely to end in accidental death?

a.Tony is at a shooting range.

b.Tim and Lisa took the sailboat out on a nice day.

c.Sam lit candles and incense in her apartment.

d.Trish and Nick are going on a road trip.

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