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71) Job analysis produces information used for writing job descriptions and job specifications.

72) The information gathered during a job analysis is primarily used to ensure that firms are in compliance with the EEO, OSHA, and all state governments.

73) Organization charts show the division of work throughout the organization, how a job relates to others, and where a job fits in the organization.

74) A process chart provides relevant background information during the job analysis process by indicating job titles and lines of communication.

75) Conducting the job analysis is the sole responsibility of the HR specialist.

76) Informal interviews provide quantitative job analysis information, which is why they are frequently used by managers who need to determine the relative worth of a job for pay purposes.

77) The immediate supervisor of a group of workers being interviewed for job analysis purposes is not allowed to attend the session due to concerns about workers failing to provide honest responses to questions.

78) Studies suggest that employees are more likely to describe their job duties in the form of simple task statements instead of as ability statements during job analysis interviews.

79) Questionnaires developed for the purpose of job analysis are always structured in the form of checklists so that the information can easily be entered into a database.

80) Observation as a job analysis data collection method is most appropriate for jobs that involve physical activities.

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