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81) Some employers collecting job analysis information provide employees with pocket dictating machines and pagers to record activities at random times of the work day.

82) Quantitative approaches for collecting job analysis data are more appropriate than qualitative approaches when a manager seeks to compare jobs for pay purposes.

83) No significant differences exist between the functional job analysis method and the Department of Labor method.

84) A standard format for writing a job description does not exist.

85) The FLSA status section of a job description permits quick identification of a job as exempt or nonexempt from overtime and minimum wage provisions.

86) Experts advise the inclusion of statements such as “performs other assignments as required” in all job descriptions to ensure the flexibility of the job's duties and responsibilities.

87) The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that organizations have job descriptions that list the essential functions of all jobs.

88) O*NET has become an increasingly popular Web tool for creating and distributing position analysis questionnaires to employees who are located throughout the world.

89) The statistical analysis method for developing job specifications is more defensible than the judgmental approach because equal rights legislation forbids using traits that a firm cannot prove distinguish between high and low job performers.

90) Job enlargement refers to redesigning jobs in a way that increases responsibility and achievement.

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