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91.In the face of a mild recession, it would be wise to:

a.avoid debts with balloon payments.

b.place cash in long term bank deposits.

c.ignore nominal prices.

d.stop planning for retirement.

92.The least expensive medical insurance policy for young, healthy couples is one that has a high deductible rate and is limited to:

a.care from a general practitioner.

b.catastrophic illness.

c.everyday medical problems.

d.prepaid fees.

93.A medical insurance policy that covers everyday medical problems is probably the best policy for:

a.young, healthy couples.

b.couples with young children.

c.unemployed college students.

d.anyone who is already in debt.

94.____ plans provide full medical coverage at certain facilities for a specified monthly fee.


b.Catastrophic illness

c.Prepaid foundation

d.Worker's compensation

95.In order to obtain a mortgage, you must have:

a.disability insurance.

b.fire insurance.

c.personal liability insurance.

d.catastrophic insurance.

96.Chris lost his first wife and was able to afford the medical expenses because she protected her earning power with:

a.life insurance.

b.medical insurance.

c.mortgage insurance.

d.a prepaid foundation plan.

97.The best protection for the least money invested is:

a.term insurance.

b.whole-life insurance.

c.universal life insurance.

d.credit life insurance.

98.John's insurance premium increases every 12 months to take into account increasing age. It would be reasonable to assume that John has:

a.term insurance.

b.group insurance.

c.whole-life insurance.

d.catastrophic insurance.

99.There is a cash value attached to:

a.term life insurance.

b.catastrophic insurance.

c.group insurance.

d.whole-life insurance.

100.____ insurance is the best buy for a young family with two children who need insurance protection against the death of the father.





101.Long-term disability is synonymous with:

a.group medical plans.

b.economic death.

c.part-time work.

d.premature death.

102.Where a person lives is an important determinate of:

a.their future career goals.

b.their economic status.

c.the kinds of values passed on to their children.

d.whether the children will go to college.

103.Immediately after a couple has decided that buying a home is the proper decision, they should consider all of the following factors EXCEPT:

a.in-law advice.




104.Couples who want to make investment a part of their economic planning should follow all of the following steps EXCEPT:

a.use credit wisely.

b.develop a comprehensive savings plan.

c.make their initial investment in something like oil or mining.

d.educate themselves about investment opportunities.

105.Cox and Demmitt suggest that the best time to begin an investment plan is:

a.when your children are born.

b.when your children are about to enter college.

c.when you get the first job after college.

d.as soon as possible.


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