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91) The American Psychological Association's standards for educational and psychological tests are legally enforceable.

92) The Federal Privacy Act allows federal employees to view their personnel files.

93) Interest inventories are useful for career planning because they compare the interests of the test taker to the interests of those people in various occupations.

94) Managers cannot be sued for defamation when giving bad references because only employers are held responsible by state and federal courts.

95) Most employers report preferring written references to telephone references because written letters provide more candid information about job candidates.

96) Employment screening services are useful in the selection process because they have access to a job applicant's credit history, driving record, and workers' compensation claims history.

97) The Privacy Act is the main directive at the federal level that governs how employers acquire and use applicants' and employees' background information.

98) Hair follicle testing can provide a history of drug use for six months prior to testing.

99) In order to be legally eligible to work in the United States, a person must be a U.S. citizen.

100) Applicant tracking systems (ATS) compile resumes, track applicants during the hiring process, and screen out applicants who do not meet minimum job requirements.

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