A Research Team Wants To Investigate The Effect Of Unpredictable Trauma Specific

A research team wants to investigate the effect of unpredictable trauma (specifically natural disasters) on individuals’ spirituality. Based on the previous research, it is unclear whether an unpredictable trauma would lead to higher or lower spirituality. There searchers suspect that individuals may become more spiritual following a natural disaster in order to cope with the significant stress. However, they also suspect that individuals may become less spiritual following a natural disaster if they struggle to make sense of the trauma or deal with its practical consequences. It is known that,using a 1-to-10 scale (from 1 = not at all spiritual to 10 = extremely spiritual), in general individuals’ level of spirituality is normally distributed with a mean of 6.2 and a standard deviation of 0.94. After a major hurricane (which caused extreme flooding in a coastal region leading to massive home destruction), the research team is able to randomly select one individual affected by the trauma and have him complete the spirituality questionnaire. The individual’s score is 4.3. Using a .05 significance level, what should the researcher conclude?

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