A Soup Company Is Looking To Design A Package Container To Ship 12 Cans Of Soup

A soup company is looking to design a package (container) to ship 12 cans of soup. Each can is a cylinder with a radius of 3.5 cm and a height of 10 cm. The cans may be arranged in any way. The company would like to minimize the packaging costs involved with the creation of the container.

You have been hired to design two different packages for the company to consider. They have asked you to present a report to the company on each of your designs. The report must include:

  • an isometric drawing, an orthographic drawing and a net or pattern that could be used to make a scale model of the container for each design.
  • an overview explaining why each design was chosen and the advantages and disadvantages of each design.
  • your recommendation as to which design you would pick, along with the reasons for your choice.

This report will be copied and handed out to the board members of the company. Therefore, you are expected to present the information in a professional manner, as though you are actually trying to sell the designs to the company.

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