A This Molecule Is In Both Clean Air And Polluted Air Because Of Its Concentrati

A) This molecule is in both clean air and polluted air because of its concentration (ppm).

a) CO2

b) Cl

c) C

d) O2

B) Why is O3 important to life on Earth

a) absorbs UVA rays

b) absorbs UVB rays

c) reflects UVC rays

d) absorbs UVC rays

C).The SI unit for energy is

a) KE

b) PE

c) J

d) G 

D) Heat and temperature are the same.

a) only when discussing air pollution

b) false

c) only when discussing ambient air

d) true 

E) Chemical bonds

a) capture energy when formed

b) store E as PE

c) all choices are correct

d) release E when broken

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