A Traffic Intersection Is Known For Rolling Stop Violations In An Attempt To Red

A traffic intersection is known for rolling stop violations. In an attempt to reduce the number of violators, 2 police officers hide near the intersection and wait to write up tickets for violators. Based on past experience, it is known that 80% of people perform a rolling stops.

A) compute the probability that the 4th car to approach the intersection is the first rolling stop violator.

 Round answer to 3 decimal places

B) over any 3 hour interval, 4 people, on average, will perform a rolling stop. Compute the probability that less than 2 people will perform a rolling stop between the hours 12 am and 3 am.

Round answer to 3 decimal places

C) after on evening, 15 different drivers have passed through the intersection. Compute the probability that at least 14 drivers performed a rolling stop

Round the answer to 3 decimal places

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