Scanners and Xerox With the advent of scanners and the universality of the portable document format (PDF), the market for optical copiers is shrinking rapidly. Can a company such as Xerox Corporation survive? In this assignment, you will address this question.Research the issues faced by Xerox from 2000–2010 and the solutions found using the assigned readings, and the Internet. Specifically review the company’s annual report at the following: Xerox Corporation http://news.xerox.com/investors/reportsRespond to the following:Identify multiple business pressures on Xerox. Describe some of the company’s response strategies. Identify the role of IT as a contributor to the business technology pressures (for example, obsolescence). Identify the role of IT as a facilitator of Xerox’s critical response activities.

Support your positions with reasons and examples based on your research.

Write a 3 -page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

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