Aaron And Christine Boring Sued Google In April 2008 For Posting Street View Pho

1.                  Aaron and Christine Boring sued Google in April 2008 for posting “Street View” photos of their home. The Borings accused Google of an “intentional and/or grossly reckless invasion” of their privacy since they live on a street that is “clearly marked with a ‘Private Road’ sign.” a “Street View” car drove down a private road and recorded images of the Boring home, including the family’s backyard and swimming pool. Do you think the Borings stated a cause of action for public disclosure of private facts or intrusion into seclusion? Why or why not? REMEMBER—it’s not your definition of privacy I’m asking you to apply—and there is NO generic “invasion of privacy” tort. Examine the requirements for those 2 torts, apply and decide!

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