According to the text, economic outcomes measured by economic growth is affected by a number of factors.

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Literature Review

Also, hundreds of empirical studies on economic growth across countries have highlighted the correlation between economic growth and a variety of variables.

Claims regarding the determinants of economic growth are conditional, and the findings depend on the variables used. However, the availability of physical capital or infrastructure, government consumption, terms of trade, macroeconomic stability, the rule of law, regulatory quality, government effectiveness, foreign direct investments, population size, and natural resource availability are the most consistent findings of empirical studies on economic growth. 1. Review the literature on economic growth and provide a summary of how: a) Trade affects economic growth b) Government expenditure affects economic growth

Note: The answers you provide to each of these sub-questions should not be more than 15 sentences. Also note that because this is a literature review you must cite credible sources; avoiding using news articles.



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