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Action Research and Organizational Development Videos

Jessica posted 

I chose to watch a video by Dr. Jeremy Lurey called “Being a Multidimensional Leader”. The link is listed below in case anyone else is interested in watching it as well. I was amazed to learn about this CEO of Plus Delta Consulting because he is very young and wise in his leadership ways. His video explained his little model on how to be a multidimensional leader. He calls it the SOS model and it stands for self-awareness, other-awareness, and situation-awareness. I really like this model because I feel that all aspects of SOS are very important in any kind of leadership. It is easy to see that he has a good sense of organizational development. He believes that if you use those three tools when making any leadership decision, that you can be successful. This video is similar to our background materials, as well as Dr. Lurey’s other videos. He uses action research and action planning while acting as the CEO and has a good head on his shoulders.