After Completing This Assignment You Will Be Able To Understand The Effect Vacci

After completing this assignment you will be able to:

•Understand the effect vaccinations have on the lymphatic and immune systems

•Understand the benefits and disadvantages of vaccinations

•Describe the body’s immune response to antigen exposure

Respond to the items below.

1.Vaccinations are mandatory for most babies and school-aged children as they build the body’s immune response. Describe two (2) pros and two (2) cons of vaccines.

2.Describe one (1) way that immunizations affect the lymphatic system and one (1) way they affect the immune system.

3.Some vaccines diminish over time and require boosters or additional immunizations. Why is this? Provide one (1) supporting fact. Identify two (2) of the most common vaccines that require booster shots.

4.Some people reported being ill after being vaccinated. What is actually happening to their immune system? Provide one (1) supporting fact. Are there any chronic/life threatening illnesses or diseases that are transmittable through immunizations? Provide one (1) supporting fact.

5.Do you think that all vaccines should be mandatory or only specific ones? Why or why not? Be specific, using two (2) supporting sources.

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