After watching the movie zero effect address, in approximately a half


After watching the movie Zero Effect address, in approximately a half page each, each of the following: 1) Define ontology and explain Zero’s ontology; 2) Define epistemology and explain Zero’s epistemology; 3) Define meta-theoretical position and explain Zero’s meta-theoretical position. Together, these three paragraphs should be about 400-500 words. In each paragraph, be sure to include relevant definitions and explanations, and explain your answer through illustration from scenes/dialogue from the film. The following will be taken into consideration in grading your papers: 1) clarity of answer; 2) illustration of answer; 3) thoroughness of answer; and 4) proper in-text citations (even of material from the text and direct quotes from the film).

In-text citations:

(Zero Effect, 1998)

For reference page:

Zero Effect, DVD, directed by Jake Kasdan (1997: CA:WB, 1998)