Agriculture Discussion Forum We Are Lucky Yo Live In An Agriculture State

Agriculture Discussion Forum

We are lucky yo live in an agriculture state. California grows the majority of the United States almonds, garlic, wine grapes, strawberries, avocados, lettuce (just to name a few).

Transportation of agricultural products is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the distance food supplies have to travel to get to market can greatly reduce emissions. Buying locally grow food can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Personally, I love my hometown craft beers from Colorado, such as New Belgium & Wibby Brewing Company, but I buy local California beer, such as Lagunitas, to help reduce my carbon footprint.

Discussion forum 

List a minimum of three (3) items of food &/or beverages that you have at home that are from local (Bay Area) farms/ranches/wineries/etc… For each item, explain where you bought these items so your fellow classmates can shop locally.

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