Alyssa Works As A Sales Representative In An Electronics Store She Earns A Fixed

Alyssa works as a sales representative in an electronics store. She earns a fixed daily wage plus a commission on the sales she makes. The table shows her earnings based on the amount of sales she makes in a day.

Total Sales ($)Daily Earnings ($)






The equation that gives Alyssa’s daily earnings based on her total sales is y = 1.5x + 80 y = 0.15x + 80 y = 2x + 80 y = 0.2x + 80 .

When this data is plotted on a graph with a line connecting all the points, the y-intercept of the line represents previous earnings fixed wage rate daily commission daily sales and the slope of the equation represents earnings based on daily sales rate of commission daily wage fixed wage rate .

In this scenario, the y-intercept is 15 25 80 120 .


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